How To Find The Right Personal Injury Lawyer

If you have been injured as part of an accident that was due to someone else’s negligence you could have a personal injury claim. It is recommended that you find a personal injury lawyer to take your case and seek compensation for you. Finding the right lawyer is imperative as this could significantly impact your entire claim.

Ask Family And Friends

Asking for recommendations from your family and friends is a good place to start your search. If you do not know someone who has successfully made a claim in the past your family and friends might. If you do get a recommendation, you should not simply use the lawyer because someone said they were good. The recommendation should only be used as a starting point as other factors need to be considered.

Find Lawyers In Your Area

If you are not able to find recommendations from friends and family, there are others methods of looking for a lawyer. There are websites which offer lists of lawyers in your area, and you can usually filter this to particular fields of expertise. You may also want to contact the local bar association to see if there are any recommendations that they could make.

Look At Online Reviews And Ratings

Before you contact a lawyer, you should see what people are saying about them online. Searching for the lawyer online will bring up reviews and ratings from their previous clients. Of course, you need to take these reviews with a pinch of salt as there are previous clients who might leave a bad review if their case did not end in the way they wanted through no fault of the lawyer.

When you read reviews, you also have to consider how similar the case is to yours. If the case is completely different from your own, the review might not impact you as much as one with a similar case. Online reviews are a good way to see if there are any major problems with the lawyer that often come up.

Make A Short List

Doing research online is a good way to find potential lawyers. However, to progress in your claim, you should make a short list of all the lawyers that you feel you should contact. The list should not hope more than a few names that you find acceptable. The lawyers who make a list should be in good standing with your local trial lawyer association and the local bar association.

Does The Lawyer Specialize

When you choose a personal injury lawyer, you should find out if they specialize in a certain type of accident. If they do specialize, you should ensure that it is in the field that your accident falls into. If the lawyer does not specialize, you should find out what the majority of their cases were for.

Lawyers that have experience in similar cases will be able to help you through the entire claim without problems. You should never be afraid to ask the lawyer about their experience as this is how you will find the best lawyer for your case.

What Are The Fees?

When you contact lawyers on your short list, you need to ask them about the fees they charge. There are a lot of lawyers that offer a no win no fee service like in
. Choosing a lawyer who offers this service means that you are no financial risks should the case not go your way. While most personal injury lawyers offer this service, it is important that you confirm this before you choose them.

Once you have established that they offer a no win no fee service you need to know what fee they will take if you win. In the past, it was possible to receive 100% of your compensation, but a change in the law means that lawyers are no longer allowed to claim their expenses back from the party at fault for the accident. The fee will be a percentage of the settlement or judgment that you receive.

What Is Their Settlement Rate

When you contact the lawyer, you should ask them about how many of their cases are settled out of court and how many have gone to trial. If a lawyer has a reputation for settling cases outside of court, the lawyer representing the person at fault might know about this. This reputation can affect how the negations are conducted, and this may not always be in your favor.

Finding the right personal injury lawyer for your case is important as it can affect the settlement you get. When choosing a lawyer, you have to consider whether they are in good standing with local associations and if they have good reviews. Finding out about their fee structure and the cases they usually present is also important.

DUI Accident Lawsuit Information — Simplified

Those who cause accidents due to drinking while driving are not just facing criminal penalties but are also in danger of being sued by the civil court as well. Following is some of the most important information you should know about a DUI Lawsuit

Was this a recent occurrence?

Injuries caused by drunk driving are most often the subject of a civil lawsuit. While those with DUI citations can face a criminal lawsuit and the possibility of jail time or license suspension they can also face civil lawsuits from their victims or their families. If you or a loved one has been killed or injured due to a DUI case, a civil suit may be you best option to recover damages for the incident.

A civil suit for a DUI is a separate and distinct legal process than any other criminal proceedings that may come from driving while under the influence. Criminal hearings are in place to protect the public from any futures occurrences of DUI acting primarily as a deterrent as well as a punitive action. A drunk driver can face these charges whether he has killed or injured anyone or damaged any property.

The civil lawsuit from drunk driving will come into play if the drunk driver has injured anyone and is filed by the victims of a DUI, or in the case of a wrongful death, it can be filed by the victims family members to recover damages. If you have sustained injuries due to a DUI, a civil suit may be your only chance at improving the high costs of medical treatment, damaged properties, lost wages and many other economic pressures that can come from the incident.

Depending on the laws that govern your specific jurisdiction, you can even find compensation for non-economic damages too, for example, compensation for pain and suffering.

Civil Suits and No-Fault Laws

No-fault laws might be able to interfere with the ability to file a civil lawsuit against a drunk driver. Many states have no-fault laws in place, if so you may find a threshold is in place that prevents you from filing lawsuits for automobile accidents unless injuries have surpassed a minimum statutory severity or the total of damages has reached a certain monetary amount.

The positivity of no-fault laws has been the subject of discussion in many different states that have this law. Unlike those states with the pure negligence laws, no-fault states are not automatically subjected to the possibility of a civil suit. Even if you have been clearly injuring by a drunk driver, unless you are in a pure negligence state, you might not be able to receive any compensation if the statutory threshold has not been passed.

There are some minor exceptions to this law, and they vary from state to state.

Civil Suits for those living in the Pure Negligence States
Those living in states with pure negligence laws in place, you are free to sue any drunk drivers for any injuries you may have sustained. In this case, you will only have to prove fault as you would in any civil suit. On the surface, a civil suit against a drunk driver may seem like a slam dunk open and shut case. But defense attorneys and insurance companies have disputed loud and long over these cases, and they are never as easy as they seem to be.

All the defenses common to negligence cases including comparative and contributory negligence apply to the drunk driving civil suit as well.

Wrongful Death and Drunk Driving

If a relative or loved one has been killed because of a DUI driver, a next of kin may file a civil suit for the wrongful death on behalf of the deceased. A wrongful death is often the only legal mechanism by which a family can secure some financial compensation in the event of a departed family member. Wrongful deaths are a variation of the personal injury lawsuit and follow many of the same guidelines.

You can find both economic and non-economic compensation for damages are available; some states will even allow some punitive damages to apply. Punitive damages are arbitrary financial actions taken against the driver in an effort of deterring future occurrences.

Useful Information On Car Accident Lawsuit

If you are looking for information on car accident lawsuit information, you have come to the right place. In this article, you will discover various things to consider if you are involved in a car accident. Keep in mind that all your activities will be closely looked upon by defense attorneys as well as insurance adjusters when you are involved in a car accident lawsuit. They will try to look for proof to minimize the compensation. Here is a list of some of the most common mistakes to avoid that can harm the car accident lawsuit of a victim.

One of the most common mistakes made by many car accident victims is that they underestimate the insurance companies. Keep in mind that the insurance company of the at-fault driver will do everything in their power including surveillance as well as hiring investigators for taking photos and videos of you during the case. They will do this to prove in the court that you do not deserve the compensation you seek. Therefore, it is better to admit that you have tried a task in case you have done that. In other words, you should never lie.

Another common mistake made by the victim of a car accident is that they sign things without checking with their auto accident lawyer. This is a big mistake, and you should never do it. In simple terms, you should discuss everything with your auto accident lawyer before signing on any paper. Even seemingly innocent papers may have fine print that may allow the at-fault insurance company access to your medical records and other such things. Therefore, always check with your auto accident lawyer before signing anything.

If the defense lawyer or the insurance adjuster or others try to contact you to talk to you about your case, it is important for you to tell them to talk to your lawyer. In other words, you should never talk about your case with anyone who is working for the at-fault insurance company or the driver. This also applies to social media.

Do not forget that the insurance adjusters, as well as attorneys and investigators, will investigate your social media accounts to find anything that can help them build their case against you. Therefore, you should be careful about photos and posting of your activities. You should not actively try to post any new things that may be used for discrediting you.

You should never miss the doctor’s appointments. It may be interpreted as a sign by the jurors that you are not taking your case seriously. Therefore, you should always listen to the advice of your doctors and follow it. It is not only important for you to work hard to recover but it is also important to show others that you are working hard by keeping appointments with the doctor.

You should save everything including your braces, pill bottles, prescriptions as well as all the other items from your doctors. These may be of great help in case of a trial. It is also important to document all your injuries to get fair compensation for your injuries. The best way to document your injuries is to take a photograph every time there is a visible injury. In case you cannot take photographs, call your lawyer, and he or she will send a photographer to document the injuries properly. You may also record a video to show to the insurance company adjuster or jurors the extent of your injuries.

It is important for you to discuss everything with your attorney after your auto accident regarding any changes in your salary, job duties as well as a job. You also need to inform your attorney when you are moving to another location. In other words, you need to keep your lawyer informed about the changes happening in your life to ensure that the lawyer can work towards getting fair compensation for you.

Communication is extremely important to get fair compensation for your injuries. Therefore, make sure you communicate effectively with your lawyer. In case you have a question, you should always call the lawyer first before doing something.

As far as the success in getting fair compensation for your injuries due to a car accident is concerned, it depends on the expertise and experience of the lawyer handling your case. Therefore, make sure they have the necessary experience and success rate before signing up.

Overall, keep the tips mentioned above in mind to get fair compensation for your auto accident.